List of Best Startup Accelerators in the World 2021

Best Startup Accelerator in the World is trying to fuel up startups and entrepreneurs with plenty of funding and supportive ecosystems. These accelerators also provide mentorship and capital in return for equity. The mentorship continues for at least three to four months so that an entrepreneur or startup can get maximum support in taking their idea/business to the next level.

Accelerators not only invest in these startups/entrepreneurs, but they also provide them free office space, business and management consultancy, product feedback, and open access to different investors.

 Access to different investors can be in the form of one day demo. During the demo day, founders would present their pitch to investors and representatives from Venture Capital Firms. This demo includes a detailed presentation of the startups and how they are working hard to produce something big.

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Getting accepted in these programs is somehow difficult as the acceptance rate can be low as 1.5%. This means, for every 7,000 applications, the available number of slots is only 106. The most active accelerator firms of these programs are in Sofia, New York, and Toronto, etc. this shows that apart from being a startup hub, Silicon Valley has an intense amount of competition from different parts of the world.

Exit number matters for these accelerators because the number of exits makes them successful. In this article, we will learn about the best accelerators in the world who are successful by getting more exits.

  • 500 STARTUPS
  • SOSV

1. Y-Combinator

Y Combinator is an American seed accelerator that is launched in March 2005. It is based in Mountain View California, USA. Y Combinator has launched over 2,000 companies including Airbnb, Coinbase, Instacart, Dropbox and Stripe, etc. The combined estimate of Y Combinator companies was over $1, 55 billion in 2019.

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 Each year Y Combinator funds $120K to a group of new startups. The number of investments YC made is 1,834 and the number of their successful exits is 192. 

2. 500 Startups

500 Startups is a seed accelerator and an early-stage venture fund. It was founded by Dave McClure and Christine Tsai in 2010. It is based in Mountain View California, USA. It consists of four major funds and thirteen micro funds. These funds have been invested in different startups in at least 60 countries.

500 Startups had invested in over 1200 companies which includes big names such as Udemy, CreditKarma, TalkDesk, and GrabTaxi, etc. the number of investments 500 Startups made is 1,694 and the number of their successful exits is 162.

3. Techstars

Techstars is an American seed accelerator. It is based in Boston, Colorado, and was founded in 2006. Techstars provides a wide range of programs to startups. Techstars connects their startups with a wide range of peers, mentors, investors, mentors, and corporate partners.

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So far, Techstars accepted 16,00 companies into its programs. The combined market capitalization of these programs is $18.3 billion. ClassPass, Digital Ocean, and Contently are some of the most notable names invested by Techstars. The total number of investments Techstars made is 1,557 and the number of their successful exits is 134.

4. Plug and Play

Plug and Play tech center is an early-stage investor and accelerator. It is based in Sunnyvale, California in Silicon Valley. It runs two programs per year in each industry with 300 corporate partners as well as 200 venture capitalists in its eco-system.

Plug and Play invested in 731 companies and the total number of their successful exits is 60. It has invested in Google, PayPal, and LendingClub, etc. Its portfolio companies have raised a combined of $7 billion.

5. MassChallenge

MassChallenge is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and founded in 2009. It is a global, zero equity startup accelerator. MassChallenge has accelerator programs around the world such as Switzerland, Mexico, UK, etc. MassChellenge claims that their accelerator startups have created over 80,000 jobs around the globe.

MassChellenge invested in 1,387 and the total number of their successful exits is 39. It also runs vertical programs for Health Care and Fintech.


SOSV is an investment management and venture capital firm based in Princeton, New Jersey. It provides seed, venture, and growth-stage funding to startups. Its focuses on accelerating startups through its market-specific seed accelerator programs which are located in Asia, the USA, and Europe.

SOSV proudly invests in the area of Software, Hardware, Consumer Services, and Life Sciences Markets. It is creating real products, not just digital products.

SOSV invested in 1,152 companies and the total number of their exits is 23. SOSV is also interested in furthering innovation in education and computing. Some of the best notable names invested by SOSV include Khan Academy, CoderDojo, and LearnStorm.

7. StartupbootCamp

Startupbootcamp was founded in 2010. It is a network of industry–focused startup accelerators. It operates its industry-focused programs in more than 20 countries around the world starting from San Francisco, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Singapore, Mexico, and Dubai, etc. The most famous accelerator programs of Startupbootcamp are in the fields of Fintech, IoT, Insurtech and Foodtech, etc.

Startupbootcamp invested in 424 companies and their number of successful exits is 21. It has accelerated startups with an average fund of €1.168 million.

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8. Internet Initiatives Development Funds (IIDF)

IIDF is established by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. It is a Russian venture capital fund. This accelerator invests in tech companies in the early stages of development.

IIDF facilitates startups in Retail, Adtech, CyberSecurity, BigData, IoT, and Edutech, etc. Almost, every year more than 4,500 startups participate in IIDF’s online basic programs. There are also 20,000 online attending events and hackathons provided by IIDF. Internet Initiatives Development Funds have invested in 335 companies and their total number of successful exits is 21.

9. Wayra

Wayra is a global technology innovation hub. It was founded in 2011 in Latin America and then expanded in many countries. Wayra is financially supported by one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world called “Telefonica”.

Wayra invests around $50,000 in startups. Wayra also claims that 45% of its startups have female founders which is a good thing. Wayra invested in 960 companies and the total number of successful exits is 18.

10. Startup Chile

Start-Up Chile is a seed accelerator. It was created by the Chilean government in 2010. It is located in Santiago, Chile. Start-Up Chile provides equity-free investments to its qualified startups.

It is the most unique and active accelerator program worldwide. It provides almost $80,000 equity-free funds to its startups and $100,000 in perks.

Start-up Chile invested in 837 companies and the total number of successful exits is 16. The best of Start-Up Chile is that it provides pre-accelerator programs for startups led by female founders in the world. This program is called “The S Factory”.

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