Education Startups for Successful Entrepreneur.

In today’s era, innovation is considered an effective way to run businesses, educational institutions even government and non-government organizations. To utilize resources effectively, innovative ideas can help in achieving individual goals. Several startups/ companies are working to bring innovation in each sector.

The education sector is greatly benefited from technology. We can not ignore the role of technology in this sector as several startups are working on innovative education ideas to connect students and teachers. Schools, colleges, and universities are demanding such products that can help in interacting with students.

To facilitate schools, colleges, and universities and to bring advancement in the education sector, education startups are coming with innovative ideas to overcome the education-based deficiencies and develop such products that help students and teachers to interact smoothly.

Government and non-government organizations and investors are investing billions of dollars in the Edtech sector. China, Israel, and the US have made approximately $16.34 billion in investment in the Edtech startups. Not only this, UK education Pearson announced a $50 million commitment to fund Edtech startups so that they can keep the changing trend of education with technology.

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We have listed the top innovative education startups below that are transforming the education sector by their innovative ideas and effective products. These startups are providing more avenues for students learning i.e. online platforms for improving students learning skills and gaining more knowledge.

Let’s discuss these innovative education startups one by one in detail.


BlackBoard is an Edtech company founded in 1997 by Stephen Glifus and co-founders. The current CEO of BlackBoard is Dr. William Ballhaus, named as “The Most Powerful CEOs” by Forbes in “40 Under 40”.

This Edtech company focuses on providing a variety of tools to teachers. These tools help teachers in improving their experience and skills as an instructor. The platform connects students and teachers in a more personalized level. It also focuses on the improvement of students and teachers learning methodology by noticing their strengths and weaknesses.

This Edtech company is consists of seven platforms i.e. learn, engage, transact, connect, mobile, collaborate, and analytics.  It is called a bundled software.

This platform is being used by almost 17,000 organizations and schools around a hundred countries worldwide.

Code Club

Code Club was founded in 2012 located in the United Kingdom. This Edtech startup is focusing on developing the basic coding level of students aged nine to eleven. It is a voluntary/non-profit startup. Code Club provides professional programmers on its platform so that students can learn to code.

The sessions are usually based on four terms. Students progress from the very beginner level to the python level. The startup earned the “Best Startup in Europ” award and growing rapidly throughout the UK.


Piazza was founded by Pooja Nath in 2009, located in Palo Alto, CA. It is a learning management system, allowing students to ask questions anonymously. Instructors moderate the questions and endorse the repeated questions answers.

The basic aim of the owner was to provide a platform where students can have healthy discussions with other students and teachers apart from the classroom. The platform response time is only fifteen minutes.

Moreover, the Piazza has been used by Stanford, Princeton and MIT etc. The platform engages more than 1.25 million students in healthy discussions around the world.


TORSH was created by Courtney William, a Forbes contributor. The idea of creating TORSH came up by inspiring from the broken school system of Jamaica and Brooklyn. Courtney noticed that the high schools of Jamaica and Brooklyn were ranked as the worst schools in the region.

The startup mission is to improve students outcomes by increasing the educator’s instructional effectiveness. The platform provides videos, actionable data and coaching to teachers so that the high-quality of education system can be formed.

4.0 Schools

The founder of 4.0 Schools, Matt Candler disheartened by the outdated school system of the US. He wanted to bring innovation in the education sector by combining education with technology. For this purpose, Candler started a non-profit startup called 4.0 Schools. The startups focusing on providing resources and opportunities to Edtech startups and entrepreneurs to bring a huge change in the education sector.


Teacherly is a platform providing opportunity to teach remotely, founded in 2015 in London. The startups believe in innovative technology in education. The teacherly aim is to promote teacher’s experience by enhancing their teaching skills. Its goal is to create an effective global community of teachers where teachers from around the world can share their views, content, professional material, and best practices.

Moreover, Teacherly allows teachers to easily prepare their lessons with interactive tools such as quizzes, child brainstorming, and extra curriculum activities. It also allows teachers to track student’s progress through its analytical tool. This Edtech startup has raised $1.5 million seed funding in 2019.


DataCamp was founded in 2013. This Edtech startup provides an opportunity to learn different courses for free. It offers free courses in Data Science, Python, SpreadSheets, SQL, Git, and Shell. The company believes in the future of data that’s why it’s trying to provide everything related to data science, Machine Learning, and Statistics.

The online platform is providing video courses, coding challenges, and projects on AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Almost, 5 million learners are taking advantage of this platform around the world. DataCamp has also raised a $25 million funding to improve and customize its online courses and tools.


MathPresso is a Korean tutoring app for students to help them resolve math and science-related problems. The app is providing the facility to students to take a picture of the math problem and upload it in the specific category, where the answer to the problem will be displayed.

Moreover, the students can interact with tutors by asking a direct question from the school tutor. The app is available in different languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, etc. to facilitate more students around the world.

MathPresso has raised $21 million in funding from different investing companies and investors.


Pi-Top was founded in 2014 and is located in London. This innovative education startup is focusing on teaching STEM education i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

It also provide the facility to learn coding through its innovative products which includes drones and laptops.

Pi-Top has raised a $16 million funding. It has released its latest platform called pi-top 4. Pi-top 4 is a programmable computing platform where students and teachers can learn designing and coding by combining physical computing as well as project-based learning. 


Riiid is a Korean Edtech startup focusing o AI tutoring by using the machine learning technology. Basically, Riiid is an AI tutor, that can provide each student with a separate tutor. It is developing its AI technology as a B2B technology called SantA.AI.

SantA.Ai is an AI-based tutoring engine to facilitate the growing test-prep market globally. Moreover, Riiid is committed to working on SAT in 2020. It is the first Korean Edtech startup to publish a research paper on AI technology. This paper will be presented in the world’s top AI Conference, called Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS). The startups have also raised a total of $18 million funding until now.  

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