List of Top Incubators and Accelerators for Health Care Startups

Incubators and Accelerator for Healthcare Startups are cohort-based programs. These accelerators provide mentorship and funding support to those startups that are working in the health care sector. Healthcare startups are growing day by day around the globe. According to a Forbes report, in March 2019 Healthcare startups raised $1.5 billion in venture capital funding.

Healthcare startups are trying hard to give the best possible solutions of many health related issues to the society. Healthcare startups are developing telemedicine apps, wearable gadgets and diagnostic AI that helps patients in managing their health without third person’s involvement.

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Moreover, the wide use of the internet made it easy to do medical research, which means healthcare startups are facing tough competition in the digital health space. Also, due to the scope of healthcare startups, it is predicted that the worth of healthcare startups will be increased to $280 billion by 2021.

These Incubators and Accelerators for Healthcare Startups need proper guidelines and funding to become successful. For this purpose, many accelerators and incubators are trying to fund these startups. Accelerators are not only providing capital venture funding, but they are also helping startups in pitching their ideas, providing mentorship, free office spaces, business and management consultancy, and access to different investors in the healthcare sector.

Accelerators provide their full support to these startups for at least three to four months. Accelerators give a chance to the healthcare startups to present their product/idea to investors on demo day. On demo day, different startups present a detailed presentation of their ideas/ products to investors to get more funding and support.

Thus, the Incubators and Accelerator for Healthcare Startups need to be connected with accelerators, that provide not only capital venture funding but mentorship as well. So that they will be able to get funding in this huge marketplace competition.

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In this article, we have listed the best incubators/accelerators so that you will be able to choose and apply for one of them that suits your requirements in the healthcare sector.

List of Top Incubators / Accelerators in the Healthcare Sector:

  1. Blueprint Health
  2. Dreamit Healthtech
  3. Startupbootcamp
  4. Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx)
  5. Startup Health
  6. Rock Health
  7. Launchpad Digital Health
  8. Illumina Accelerators
  9. Health Wildcatters
  10. Techstars Healthcare Accelerator

1. Blueprint Health

Blueprint Health is located in New York City. It is a community healthcare entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are helping in building the next generation Healthcare IT Companies.

Blueprint Health assists more than 20 Healthcare IT Companies per year. It invests time and $20,000 in these companies to help them grow their startups.

Blueprint Health

The staff and mentors of Blueprint Health work diligently with the healthcare IT companies for a period of three months. The three months period helps startups to improve their ideas / products and achieve their individual business goals. Individual goals contains gaining more customers, raising venture capitals, sales security and building marketing. Last but not the least, these companies refine their pitches in the presence of mentors provided by Blueprint Health.

After these three months, Blueprint Health continues its support to help these startups to build and grow their ideas/products. Blueprint Health also facilitates these Healthcare IT Companies in availing the resources that Blueprint and the community can provide.

2. Dreamit Healthtech

Dreamit Healthtech is a US based accelerator and a part of the Dreamit Ventures Incubators. It’s not only a nationally recognized venture fund but also comes in top ten global accelerators. Dreamit Healthtech supports breakthrough startups in Healthcare sector.

It’s a growth focused program for all those healthcare companies that are working in Digital Health, Medical Devices and Diagnostics sector. It helps in scaling and raising these startups in their next institutional funding.

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Dreamit Healthtech provides a six months long program and invests $50,000 funding in these startups. Not only this, but it also provides a two weeks long roadshow facility so that these startups can meet other investors and can raise more funding for their ideas/products. It provides the opportunity to build relationships with market owners, investors, pharmaceutical companies and different academic institutions.

Dream Healthtech

3. Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp is also providing its services in the healthcare sector apart from other startups, recognized as the number one accelerator in Europe in the Healthcare sector. One of the accelerators is located in Berlin and the other one is in Miami.

Startupbootcamp Berlin about to start its 3rd cycle in healthcare sector. It’s one of the most serious accelerators in the region. This program is supported by the well-known names in healthcare sector including Sanofi, Berlin Institute of Health and Munich Re. It’s a three month accelerator program investing €15,000 and providing co-working spaces and access to almost 160 mentors to the startups. Its stake is only 6% in each startup.

Startupbootcamp Miami provides its support and scales to those companies that are transforming the healthcare sector. A $2 million grant was given by Knight Foundation to this program.

It also provides its support in funding, implementation of the ideas/products, a mentor network based on industry leaders and investors, and free workspaces. It is helping in building a game-changing industry in the healthcare sector.

So far, Startupbootcamp facilitated and funded 877 startups with an average of €907,000 funding.

startup bootcamp

4. Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx)

Texas Medical Center Accelerator aims to unite innovators with the best minds in science, medicine, and health technology at its member institute of Texas Medical Center. Its main focus is to help the healthcare industry via collaborating with medicine and cutting–edge healthcare technology from around the globe.

TMC supports healthcare startups/entrepreneurs in broadening their vision and network to achieve the desired goals. It also supports the early-stage digital health and medical devices/product companies to build their ideas and achieve their individual goals.

TMC facilitated total 263 companies till now. The total amount of funding raised is $918 million with 4 total number of successful exits.


5. Startup Health

Startup Health is a US-based accelerator and a global health innovation company. It supports the health transformers by investing in the startups, uniting these startups with a global peer network, and broadcasting their success to the world. Startups Health providing weekly and quarterly coaching to digital health companies. The only purpose of investing in these companies is to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone around the world.

It has the world’s largest portfolio in healthcare sector. It facilitated more than 105 digital health companies from 11 different countries in the world.

Startup Health

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6. Rock Health

Rock Health is located in the USA with the aim to make healthcare better for everyone in the world. Rock Health is supporting and funding companies and entrepreneurs to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of the healthcare sector.

Rock Health facilitates early-stage healthcare startups by investing in them and supporting them to solve healthcare problems, grow their scalability and build sustainable businesses, and make a positive impact on society.

Rock Health

Moreover, Rock Health does not provide a mentorship facility, instead of helping the companies by working with them. It supports the healthcare companies in fundraising, go-to-market planning, customer development, contracting and business development, communication, marketing, pricing, and PR.

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7. Launchpad Digital Health

Launchpad Digital Health is a leading early-stage venture capital accelerator in digital health located in the US. Launchpad Digital Health supports digital health entrepreneurs/companies at an early stage. The main focus is to improve healthcare, lower costs and provide convenience to patients.

Launchpad Digital Health launched its program to achieve this goal. The program is called Ground Zero Program. It is a program for those startups/ entrepreneurs that desires to pressure–test and expand their healthcare early-stage businesses to the next level.

Launchpad Digital Health (PRNewsFoto/Launchpad Digital Health LLC)

8. Illumina Accelerators

Illumine Accelerators is of the most successful accelerators in the world. Illumina invests in a batch of 5 startups every year. These startups are focused on healthcare-related issues solving in synthetic biology, forensics and therapeutic technologies, and diagnostics.

Illumina Accelerator

This program continues for six months or a year to fully facilitate these startups. Illumine provides financial investments, business strategy mapping, pitch development, and technology advancement to healthcare startups. It also provides training on venture capital funding by holding only 8% equity from these startups.

Illumina also selects those startups that don’t have proper business model while applying. This could be a good option for startups working in biotech sector. 

9. Health Wildcatters

Health Wildcatters is located in Dallas and was founded in 2013. At first, it was established as a health innovation hub for local healthcare startups in Dallas. Till now, it invested in 57 healthcare startups by raising a total amount of $50 million funding.

This program continues for three months. Initial investment of this program is $30,000 to $380,000. Health Wildcatters holds only 8% equity from these startups.

Health Wildcatters

10. Techstars Healthcare Accelerator

Bayer G4A is located in Berlin Germany. It provides support and mentorship to digital health startups to develop new health solutions in the digital era. It focuses on behavioral science, women’s health, therapeutic technology, etc.

The duration of this program is six months, one year, or can be extended to two years. Those startups that are working in food chemistry, seed technology biologics for more than five years can be easily selected by Bayer G4A. 

Techstars Healthcare Accelerator

The above list contains the top accelerators/incubators supporting healthcare startups by investing a wide range of funding in them and also providing support to connect these startups to a global market and top investors that meet their goals.

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