Best Startup Opportunities in COVID19 Pandemic

Many medium and small startups have been affected by COVID19 Pandemic across the globe. As people are restricted to their homes to take precautionary measures against this pandemic, it’s an ideal time for everyone to start working from home and help each other to beat this challenging time. The COVID19 is hitting companies hard throughout the world and many people has lost their jobs as well.

The pandemic will continue to impact us all but by finding some good opportunities while we stay at home, can help us to overcome our financial crises. Some of these startups opportunities can be just opportunistic for the time being and some can become permanent or long term opportunities.

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In this article we are going to list some startup opportunities. This list will broaden your mind towards the new and effective startups opportunities that you can avail at your convenience.   

  1. Face masks providers
  2. Cleaning services providers
  3. Temperature guns providers
  4. Delivery services
  5. Remote Learning Applications
  6. Remote Fitness Facilitators
  7. E-Commerce Businesses
  8. Entertainment
  • Face Mask Providers

Due to the large usage of face masks during this pandemic, there is a huge need to provide a vast variety of face masks to the world. Once this COVID19 pandemic is over, people will still continue using it. Japan has already using it and the rest of the world will now follow it.

This could be a great startups opportunity for you to start making face masks and sell it out. People are adopting this trend and it is obvious that many brands will launch their branded face masks in the coming days to facilitate their customers. Well, you can become one of the face masks providers. It’s an easy, cheap and effective startup opportunity for you.

  • Cleaning Services Providers

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have noticed a huge increase in cleaning sector. People are getting more conscious about the cleaning of their streets, homes and malls etc. To kill germs, we need good services in cleaning sector.

There is a huge increase seen in cleaning services across the world. Many cleaning companies are providing cleaning services to people so that they can play their part in overcoming this pandemic. This won’t stop here. In future, we will see a huge demand of the cleaning services providers throughout the world. This could be a better opportunity for you to start providing your own cleaning services to the community.

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  • Temperature Guns Providers

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected millions of people across the world. Health measurements are now becoming more valuable. As we can see that the temperature guns playing a vital role in identifying the affected patients from COVID-19. When this Pandemic is over, people and companies will continue using the temperature guns to check the temperature of their employees, loved once etc.

This could be a demanding tool in the coming days. If you start working on it, you can get more effective results from this startup.

  • Delivery Services

Delivery services became one of the popular thing during COVID-19 Pandemic. While people are restricted to their homes especially elderly and children, there is a need to do groceries and other necessary stuff for them. Delivery services provided an unbelievable service throughout the world.

People are already getting used to it and they will continue using their services. This good be a really great startups idea for you to start your own delivery service. There is a huge variety in selecting what type of delivery service you can provide to your customers. It could be a food delivery service, bakery items delivery services, grocery delivery services and much more.

  • Remote Leaning Applications

This COVId-19 Pandemic has provided us a unique and effective way of learning i.e. staying at home and learning online. Many schools, colleges and universities are providing online courses facility to their students. Students can learn from their teachers exactly the same syllabus course while staying at home.

This trend is going viral in the world and people are encouraging it. At the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic, people will get more used to Remote learning. Even schools, colleges and universities management will start searching for their applications to provide this facility at home.

This could also be a great idea for you to start making your applications. These remote applications shall provide the facility of smooth learning. While you can have other competitors, you may focus on the security and friendliness of these applications so that everyone could use it easily.

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  • Remote Fitness Facilitators

Fitness has become one of the important factor to fight any virus. People are getting more curious about being fit and healthy. Fitness clubs/ gyms are closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. But one can stay fit while staying at home.

During these times while people can’t go out to their favorite gyms or fitness clubs, they are trying to connect with fitness trainers online and do their workouts etc. at home.

When this pandemic is over, people will still want to use this remote fitness facility at their homes. You need to provide your remote fitness facilities to your customers at home. This could become more profitable for you. You can have both online and offline customers.

  • E-Commerce Businesses

In times like these, when people are stuck at home around the world, E-Commerce businesses can be beneficial for you. We have seen a vast usage of internet during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is your best chance to target your audience and their trust to use your E-Commerce services.

If you don’t have an E-Commerce Business, you can start it right now. This is the best time for you to try out online businesses and make your E-commerce business successful. Once you gain the trust of your customers in these critical times by providing them the best services, they won’t hesitate to use your services when the COVID-19 Pandemic is over.

  • Entertainment

During the last couple of months, we have seen a tremendous increase in entertainment sector. While people are stuck at home in this COVID-19 Pandemic, their focus is on the entertainment world. Netflix has received huge number of feedback across the world.

Once this pandemic is over, the investors will invest a lot in this sector. 

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