Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020! The Life Changing Ecosystem

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Job Description

The Entrepreneurship World Cup EWC 2020 is intended for and made possible by Partners. The main feature of this EWC 2020 is that you will be able to discover how to become a part of the world’s fantastic alliance and connect with more 100,000 entrepreneurs from around the Globe. Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 Event is the largest Platform of the world that consists of more than 187 countries.

Entrepreneur World Cup Participation Phases

Don’t miss any of these phases. There are 5 Phases to Participate in EWC 2020

Accelerate 1:

February to May 2020 – Startups are put through a series of education and virtual training opportunities to sharpen their skills around areas like customer & industry knowledge; personal & team skills; creativity & problem solving, and business acumen.

National Competition:

May to June 2020 – Competitions happening simultaneously in 100 countries at the national level, virtually & live events. 100 winning teams from 100 countries are awarded prizes and advance to stage 3.

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Accelerate 2:

July to September 2020 – National winners are put through a mixture of virtual training sessions and direct, one-to-one mentorship to organize them for the worldwide Finals.

Global Finals:

Starting from October 2020 – Global finalists are put through live training sessions, network with potential investors and compete on stage for in prizes and support services.


All national winners are enrolled within the Starters Club, providing a worldwide peer network, mentorship and other support services to assist members to reach their full potential. Other partners could also be engaged to supply post-EWC support.

An Event that will Change your Entire life by Winning Prizes

The value proposition of EWC is all about the whole experience – training, resources, connections, mentorship and more. But on top of that, Entrepreneurship World Cup got an excellent number of impactful prizes – up to $5 million in total – with dozens of money prizes, investment Startup opportunities and awesome resources and perks from EWC leading partners.

Global grand prizes

For the three stages, early, idea, and growth.

Global Finalist Stage Prizes

Including industry-specific and social enterprise prizes.

National Prizes

(one for every participating country)

Open stage for all investors to offer deals

How to Apply for EWC 2020

Click the link below to avail of this amazing world top-class opportunity.

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