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In the world of male dominancy, females always struggled to achieve their desired goals. The male-dominant culture is now perishing as we have seen a tremendous rise in the technology sector. Technology not just made it easy for females to start what they want to do but also encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Women are becoming entrepreneur and women are supporting women worldwide to not only raise the zero ratios of women in tech but also to empower them. There are several examples of women around the world who became empowered by empowered women.

Thus, in the world of women entrepreneurs, we heard the name of Soraya Darabi, a young, energetic and talented entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and a successful market analyst. She is becoming an ideal role model for millions of females around the world. In this article, we will discuss how Soraya Darabi became an independent, empowered woman, her achievements, and her venture.

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Soraya Darabi is a 34-year-old female entrepreneur living in New York, United States. She did her honors in Liberal Arts & Sciences/Liberal Sciences from Georgetown University. She has also done certification in Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century in 2017.

Professional Career:

Soraya started her professional career at the age of 23. Her first job was at Conde Nast. While working with Conde Nast, she was given a task to write a detailed press release about the wired acquisition of Reddit. From there, she became interested in technology, especially in social media marketing. She was fascinated by how Reddit was changing media and shifted her mind to technology.

Later on, she started working for the New York Times as a Manager of Digital Partnerships & Social Media.  Back in 2007, the New York Times became the world’s first brand to truly leverage social media. It was the effort of Soraya Darabi who worked with her digital team hard to make it possible. She positioned the global news leader on social networks i.e. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter at the New York Times. While working on these platforms for NYT, she started thinking of her own digital product that will make a difference in the world.

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Co-Founded Companies / Businesses by Soraya Darabi:

Foodspotting was the first digital app that Darabi co-founded in 2011. Foodspotting was basically a photo-centric, user-generated resource where foodies can search, document and rate individual dishes of restaurants. This app was named by Apple and Wired Magazine as “The App of The Year”. Later on, Foodspotting was acquired by Open Table and Priceline.

The second most popular co-founded digital resource of Darabi was Zady. She co-founded Zady in 2012. Zady is basically an E-commerce Store providing accessories etc. to males and females. Zady is a mission-driven brand focusing on quality in manufacturing. Zady’s aim is to provide stylish, timeless, and sustainably produced products made from high-quality raw materials. She continued working with Zady till 2016. Darabi is still actively involved with Zady as an Advisor. 

After Zady, Soraya Darabi co-founded an early-stage investment firm called “Trail Mix Ventures”.

Tail Mix Ventures:

Soraya Darabi is a General Partner and Co-Founder of Trail Mix Ventures. TMV is an early-stage investment firm based in New York. TMV is focusing on sustainable well-being, workers and entrepreneurs cultivate talent and designing more fulfilling & ecstatic realities of early-stage startups.

Moreover, TMV invests in those startups/services and products that uplift people’s physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. These startups include online brands, frontier health organizations, different marketplaces, and design-driven technologies. TMV is encouraging women to come up with business ideas and it has plenty of women entrepreneurs in its list.

According to CrunchBase, Soraya Darabi made 05 Personal investments. These investments made in Clockwise (total investment is $11.3 million), Cityblock Health (total investment is $20.8 million), Hullabal (total investment is $1.8 million), Poptip (total investment is $472,000) and circa (total investment is $900,000).

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The total number of successful exits of Soraya Darabi is 2. These exits are pop tip and circa. Poppit’s mission is basically to analyze and synthesize social conversations in real-time to enable brands to understand people’s opinion, while circa is a mobile news app, providing users up-to-date news updates on diverse topics.

Soraya Darabi Featured Covers:

Darabi was recently featured on the cover of Fast Company’s ‘Most Creative People’. She was also featured on the covers of Inc.’s ’30 Under 30’, Fortune’s ’40 Under 40: women to watch’ and Brand Week’s ‘Digital Best’ for her work in media and entrepreneurship. Darabi was named twice as a ‘Mentor of The Year’ by Techstars.

Soraya Darabi is a YGL at The World Economic Forum. She also serves as a NY trustee for The Nature Conservancy.