Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas Opportunities 2020

Looking to launch a small business this year? Welcome to our list of the simplest small business opportunities for 2020, here we will show you the best business ideas to make money chosen from small business loans across a spread of industries. To unique business ideas form the list, these new business ideas must:

  • Have the potential of creative small business ideas to be profitable now and for several years within the future small-medium enterprise
  • Be resilient in uncertain economic times
  • Small business administration does not require a Ph.D. or decades of experience. Some unique business ideas require vocational school training, a university degree, or an apprenticeship, while others need just some prior experience and a passion for the industry

Most of those small business grants also are great opportunities for home-based businesses. None of that small business administration may be a get-rich-quick scheme. If your goal in life is to become very wealthy, the likelihood is that you will not get there as a little business owner. But you will have an opportunity to get a healthy income, be your own boss, and make all the choices. You’ll potentially have a more flexible lifestyle. Building something from the bottom up can make starting a business very rewarding in it.

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Here is our best collection for the simplest small business ideas startup opportunity supported current trends in business and demographics, in no particular order of small investment business ideas list of 2020.

  1. Skilled Trades
  2. Software Engineering and Development
  3. Meal Kit Sales and Delivery
  4. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  5. Fulfillment by Amazon Sales
  6. Self-Storage Units
  7. Home Renovations
  8. Bike Sales, Service, and Rentals
  9. Gourmet Coffee
  10. Facilities Support Services

How small businesses start. Let discuss these small business ideas list one by one


It’s unfortunate that these days many neglects considering skilled trades as a career choice, partially because of the misconception that trades are poorly paid. In fact, low investment business skilled tradespeople are generally well paid and luxuriate in satisfying careers. In manufacturing alone, it’s estimated that nearly 53% of job openings left by boomers will go unfulfilled by 2028.

These shortages will reach across many trades, and build a large demand for talented workers in trades low investment business, such as:

  • Welding
  • Carpentry and general construction
  • Plumbing, pipefitting, and steamfitting
  • Electrical and electronic control systems
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC)
  • Machinists and metalworkers
  • Masonry
  • Steelworking

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Software engineers & software developers develop, test, and maintain software on a variety of platforms, from mainframes to mobile devices. according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is predicted to increase by 21% through 2028, and thus the median pay in 2018 was $105,590 once a year.

The nature of the software development industry makes it ideal for contract employment. Many software engineers start out as salaried employees and eventually become self-employed contractors. Cloud computing and simple remote access make software development a perfect home-based business.

Other high-demand, well-paid opportunities within the information technology sector include:

  • Systems analysts
  • Hardware and software technicians
  • Network engineers
  • Security specialists


Meal kit’s low investment business and its services are getting increasingly fashionable busy those who do not have the time to buy and prepare healthy meals and want to lower their environmental footprint by reducing garbage. The meal-kit industry within the U.S. is predicted to succeed in $11.6 billion in sales by 2022.

Customers select recipes online, and meal kits with pre-chopped and measured ingredients, alongside instructions for cooking and final preparation, are delivered to their homes on the chosen date. Listed information like calorie counts allows consumers to stick to dietary requirements.

Meal kit suppliers often avoid large wholesalers and source ingredients from local farms, creating business opportunities for little to mid-size growers, ranchers, and seafood suppliers. Opportunities can also be available for delivery-service providers to gather ingredients from producers and deliver the top product to customers’ homes.

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Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) represent a large success in immersing the user during a real sensory experience. Hardware and software vendors are working furiously to bring new VR products to the marketplace, and also the industry is growing rapidly—the global market is anticipated to expand by 34.5% from 2019 to 2025. The potential uses of virtual reality for business or pleasure are practically limitless.

For example 3D movies: Movies are already being developed in 360-degree VR. Real estate marketing: Imagine finding out a replacement home and having the ability to require an internet VR walkthrough of an advertised house from the comfort of your desk chair. Gaming: VR is revolutionizing the gaming industry, with new VR titles being released on an almost weekly basis. Team-building exercises: Shakeup team building events with a bunch of VR experience. Social media VR interaction: Friends are going to be able to interact in an exceedingly virtual online space. Training: VR can inject a way higher degree of realism into training scenarios. Businesses like UPS are launching new delivery driver training programs using VR.

5. Fulfillment BY AMAZON SALES

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program allows sellers of products to promote their wares through Amazon, the most important online retail platform within the world. Amazon is a low investment business that takes most of the headaches out of running an internet retail business. In exchange for fulfillment and monthly storage fees, it handles storage, packing, shipping, returns, and customer service queries.

Sellers are liable for shipping their products to an Amazon fulfillment center and for creating their product listings on their Amazon store. Once listings are live and sales are made, the marketer begins receiving their portion of the proceeds on a weekly basis.

FBA sellers’ source products for his or her Amazon stores during a kind of ways, such as:

From original product ideas that marketer gets manufactured to specifications

From local or national wholesalers

From overseas bulk discount suppliers like Alibaba        

By arbitrage—purchasing discounted items online or from retail stores and reselling them for a profit

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The self-storage industry continues to be a booming business across North America, fueled by a more transient workforce, downsizing homeowners, the overall trend for people to accumulate more and more possessions, and reality shows like “Storage Wars.” In some locales like new york, demand has exceeded supply by as high as 300%.

Ironically, the trend for businesses to scale back or eliminate storefront space has also contributed to the demand for space for storing. Plumbers and electricians, for instance, can store tools and equipment in self-storage at a way lower cost. Modern self-storage requires a climate-controlled environment, lighting, and security. Initial capital costs for land and building construction are high but are often easily financed from income, assuming there’s a gentle demand for space for storing in your area. Trachte Building Systems has free web-based calculators for determining the profitability of self-storage supported demand, estimated capital expenses, operating expenses, and income.


It is a home-based business that remodeling contractors are hard to seek out, and therefore the good ones are always busy. Home renovation is one business that always seems to try to well, even in uncertain economic times. If construction is in your blood and you think that you’d enjoy making clients’ home renovation dreams come true, why not turn it into a business?

According to HomeAdvisor’s 2018 State of Home Spending Report, homeowners spend a mean of $7,560 per annum on home improvements. That’s tons of business for carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, roofers, tilers, and other tradespeople.

The home renovations business is ideally suited to self-employed individuals for a variety of reasons:

Most renovations are performed on a contract basis.

Startup capital investment for tools and machinery is usually much but required for brand spanking new construction.

Business premises aren’t required because the work is performed at the customer location.


Given the health and environmental benefits, it’s no wonder that bicycling has become the second hottest outdoor activity in America by frequency of participation. Consistent with The League of yank Bicyclists, U.S. bike commuting grew by 43% nationwide between 2010 and 2017.

Anything that’s healthy, popular, good for the environment, and heavily promoted by the government may be a pretty good business bet. Additionally to traditional pedal-powered bikes, e-bikes became very fashionable. E-bikes are often pedaled without electrical power or use electrical power to help, and sales are expected to rise to over 40 million units by 2023. Regular pedal bikes can even be converted to e-bikes with a special kit.

If cycling is your passion and you would like to become an entrepreneur, this might be the right business opportunity for you.


Think an independent cafe serving espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos can’t compete with Starbucks? re-evaluate. A replacement coffeehouse recently opened in my little town and it’s been full of customers from day one. The owner attributes his success to:

Being during a convenient location for vehicle, cycling, and pedestrian traffic

Offering a pleasing atmosphere, including an outside patio

Serving high-quality beverages made up of small-batch specialty coffees, served by properly trained baristas. The marketplace for gourmet, high-end specialty coffee continues to grow, making much room for independent shops. The share of adults drinking specialty coffee daily rose from 14% to 41% between 2001 and 2017, consistent with the National Coffee Association. Perhaps you’ll find a distinct segment during this market.


Facilities support or management services are the best business ideas to make money to catch-all terms that encompass the complete range of facilities services for businesses, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Building maintenance
  • Painting
  • Moving

The industry is predicted to grow by 13.6% from 2017 to 2024. If you have got a background in maintenance or construction and good organizational skills, why not consider a business as a facilities support services coordinator?