Best European Biotech Startups to Look for in 2020

Technology is making human lives easy. In fact, technology is the core center of every field nowadays. Biotechnology is also the center of attraction for millions of people around the world. Several startups are coming up with biotech ideas to solve out the major health related issues.

Biotechnology is basically focusing on solving scientific problems dealing with living organisms with the help of bio-technicians, biologists, and other scientists. Biotechnology is the combination of biology with chemistry, engineering, and computer sciences.

The European biotech startups industry is taking the technology in biology to the next level. 2020 is the new record biotech year and gaining a huge momentum around the world. From gene-therapies to data-driven diagnostic products, it plays a vital role in food, agriculture, and healthcare industries.

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The ongoing importance of biotech is attracting several startups to work in this sector as investors are making an unprecedented amount of investments. Several biotech startups are already working in this sector and changing the world of health, food, and agriculture. We have gathered the top list of European Biotech Startups for you that are working hard to solve the problems of living organisms.

Let’s discuss these European Biotech Startups in detail.

TreeFrog Therapeutics

This startup is located in Bordeaux, France. It is a stem cell company that developed C-Stem: a registered technology platform, providing an end to end 3D scalable solutions to develop pluripotent cells that will dramatically reduce treatment costs.  Pluripotent stem cells are basically self-replicating cells. These cells can form to grow any part of the human body.

The company aims to use its technology on human body within 3 to 5 years in the framework of cell therapies. These cell therapies will be used to treat the chronic and degenerative diseases that still has no treatment. These diseases includes Parkinson’s, Diabetes and age related Macular Degeneration etc.

TreeFrog Therapeutics has raised €7 million with an additional €7 million in grants in 2019. Thus 2020 will be a successful year for this startup. TreeFog Therapeutics was also awarded as the “Grand Prix” for deep-tech innovation.

Captor Therapeutics

It is a biopharmaceutical company located in Poland and Switzerland. The company aims to treat the untreatable: developing protein degradation drugs for cancer and autoimmune diseases through the Obteron drug discovery platform.  

The company was founded in 2017 with the mission to treat the untreatable. Captor Therapeutics has raised €33 million in grants and investments. These grants and investments received by this company were used to further transform the lives of patients. Captor Therapeutics was awarded as “The Central European BioForum” in 2019.


LipoCoat is located in Netherland and was founded in 2016. This company aims to improve the medical devices performance, comfort and safety. It is working in engineering and manufacturing bio inspired coatings. These bio-inspired coatings offers full control of fouling, lubricity and wetting.

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Lipocoat’s coatings are 5 nanometer thick, non-toxic and highly biocompatible. These coatings are being used in implants, catheters and contact lenses. Till now, LipoCoat has raised €3 million in funding.


SparingVision was founded in 2017 and located in France. The company aims to discover and develop innovative therapies to treat the blinding inherited retinal diseases. It is developing a SPVN06, a gene independent drug candidate. This drug candidate will help to treat the retinitis pigmentosa: the most common inherited retinal degeneration. 

SparingVision has received a total investment of €15.5 million.


BioNTech was founded 2008 and located in Mainz, Germany. It focuses on the development of immune-oncology treatments. The company believes that every individual tumor is unique from others thus every individual shall be treated differently. To achieve this goal, the company is working on immune-oncology across a wide range of different technologies.

BioNTech has raised €40 million in 2019 and is getting ready to start 06 first-in-human clinical trials in 2020. The company also claims to report clinical trials data in 2020. This data will be based on the testing of its RNA messenger technology in patients, diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, solid tumors and melanoma etc.


F2G was founded in 1998 and is a UK and Austria based Biotech Company. It focuses on the development and discovery of novel therapies to treat life threatening fungal diseases.  It has discovered and developed antifungal agents called “The Orotomides”. This antifungal agent targets the DHODH, a key enzyme in the novo pyrimidine biosynthesis pathway.

F2G is expecting results in 2020 from its lead drug candidate trial testing in patients.


Follicum is a Sweden based company founded in 2011. The company aims to develop peptide drugs to treat hair loss and diabetes. The company plans to start its phase I trial in 2020. The trial will be made on the basis of the company’s drug. This drug is intended to stimulate the secretion of insulin and delay the onset of type I diabetes. The company also claims to start its phase II trial testing for hair loss treatment.


Genfit is located in Loos, France and was first founded in 1999. The company focuses on the development of treatments for metabolic and liver conditions. It has developed a drug called Elafibranor. Till now, the company received €120 million fundraising.

Genfit is expecting results from its phase III trial testing of the drug. The trial tested its drug in patients diagnosed with the chronic liver disease. The luck of the company is truly based on the drug trial results. If the results are good and the trial is successful, this would be the first ever treatment to this disease.


The Netherland based company Meatable was founded in 2018. The company aims to produce lab-grown meat by developing a next level technology. It has raised €10 million as a series-A fundraising in December 2019. The company is expecting to create its first lab-grown pork in 2020.


Ynsect was founded in 2011 and located in Paris, France. The company focuses to develop an eco-friendly alternative to produce feed and food from insects. The company raised €110 million as a series-C round. This fund was raised to construct the world’s largest automated insect firm.

Ynsect is expecting to get approval for using the insects in chicken feed and fertilizers in 2020. The company also aims to use insects for human consumption.