Ankiti Bose: The first Indian woman to co-found $1 billion .

Ankiti Bose, 27, is an entrepreneur and CEO of Fashion e-commerce website Zilingo hailing from Mumbai, India. Ankiti on the way to becoming the first Indian woman to co-found a $1 billion start-up.

She looked at the region’s dependability on smartphones and saw an opportunity to build up an online retail system on it, online shopping has reached $23 billion in the South Asian region and expected to go exceed $100 billion by 2025 according to a report by Google and Temasek.

Ankiti Bose started an online retail company called Zilingo in October 2015 with Dhruv Kapoor, her colleague at the gaming studio Kiwi Inc.

Short Biography of Ankiti Bose:

Bose is a 27 years old Indian woman who took her startup to the top of Southeast Asian E-commerce business.

Born: 1992

Place of birth: Mumbai

Age: 27

Schooling:  Podar School Mumbai

Graduation: Economics and Mathematics

Parents: Father worked as an engineer in an oil company in Mumbai, India

and Ankiti’s Mother was a lecturer at a University.

Siblings: she is an only child (No siblings)

Marital Status: unmarried

Networth: $1 billion

 Career Before Zilingo

  • Before starting her own setup Ankiti worked for three years in venture capital and management consulting at Sequoia, she specialized in consumer internet and E-commerce opportunities on mobile platforms.
  • She worked with Mckinsey and company and worked on strategy and operations across various industries.
  • She talked about her working at Sequoia and her career before Zilingo to CNBC and said that the job in the corporate day job gave her the opportunity to watch and learn

“The fact that I was working in venture capital and consulting before that definitely played an important role in shaping our opinions in what would work and what would not work, what would build a sustainable business,” Bose said of the early years she spent working on an office job.

She further said that “it gave Dhruv and me the opportunity to travel around the region and really understand what consumers want”.

Inception of Zilingo

Ankiti bose was 23 and Dhruv Kapoor was 24 when they started Zilingo.

Zilingo started off as an E-Commerce marketplace and has expanded into a B2B (Business to Business) that provides services to everyone across the fashion supply chain.

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Ankiti Bose had the idea to start an E-Commerce retail system when she visited one of Bangkok’s popular Chatuchak Market, That has more than 15,000 booths selling goods throughout Thailand in that market she realized that the sellers had no way to expand their businesses further.

From the company’s inception in 2015 and from the first offices in Thailand and Cambodia to the present the company has spread its business over eight countries, employed more than 400 people and has added 5,000 new merchants.


Founded: 2015

Founder: Ankiti Bose, Dhruv Kapoor

Headquarters: Singapore

Number of Employees: 700

Number of Locations: 8

Subsidiary: nCinga innovations Pvt Limited

Zilingo was established by Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor in 2015; Ankiti Bose went to Bangkok for a holiday and noticed that the sellers and the shopkeepers didn’t have any online outlets or presence to promote their businesses further.

So Ankiti Bose came up with an idea for an E-Commerce retail system, Zilingo is basically a technology and commerce platform that is revolutionizing the fashion industry by making it more connected and transparent for everyone.

Zilingo is an E-commerce platform that’s making businesses across the fashion industry to be more efficient, connected and scale faster, Zilingo connects business with a roster of tools and services to operate in fashion, sourcing, selling, wholesale or retail, marketing services, software services, and financial services

Zilingo spans across Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philipines, Australia, India, and the United States.

The company has around 700 employees representing more than 20 nationalities and is working with up to 50,000 partners all over the fashion supply chain that comprises of manufacturers, retail merchants, distributors, indie and global brands.

The company started off as a platform for the small scale businesses and merchants to connect with the world and expand their businesses through internet but now Zilingo has broadened its horizons toward and went towards B2B, The shift towards B2B started with a suite of basic products to help the merchants and manufacturers manage their E-Commerce business that included inventory management and sales tracking and now the company has started deeper services like financing, sources and procurement and a style hunter for the upcoming fashion trends.

Zilingo’s audience has expanded to include professional fashion sellers, SMEs, brands in Southeast Asia and the B2B on a global scale through Zilingo’s “Zilingo Asia Mall” platform.

Zilingo: A Fashion Empire

As the first 27 years old woman billionaire from India, she has earned a name for herself in the tech and fashion world and has given hope to many to build their own dreams and actually make something out of it, in the span of only 5 years she has taken her company through the roof and has turned Zilingo into a global platform with more than 7 million users with her hard work and resilience.