8 Main Reasons Why Freelancers Fail?

Freelancing is an insecure profession and many people who want to become freelancers think many times before joining this profession. They hesitate because they fear failure while others work hard and struggle a lot to reach their goals. Many people think that freelancers fail because of skill or expertise but it’s not always true. Let’s look at the main reasons why freelancers fail during their freelancing career to take off and what you can do to avoid the things that increase the chance of failure.

The 8 main Reasons Why Freelancers Fail

1.Lack of Commitment

Success depends on your level of commitment to work. In order to build your freelance career, you have to put in lots of time and effort. Tell your client that you are committed to working and freelancing is the primary source of income for you. Let the client know that you are available for the work and in the long haul.

2. Need of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is another important factor. Self-awareness means that you should be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. It’s not what other people think about you but it’s about what you think about yourself. Freelancing is all about you. So you must be honest with your own self. After becoming aware of your own self, work on your weaknesses, and change them into strengths.

3. Failing To Stand Out

Freelancing is different from working for a company and you have to be able to sell yourself. First, make a list of achievements. You need to think and write about what you have done with your life. Having a niche can also help you. Specializing gives you an edge for projects that do fit your profile.

4. Failing To Organize

One of the problems that a freelancer faces at the start is the lack of a proper structure. When a person works in an office, he/she has already a structure in place. But when a person starts working as a freelancer, this support is suddenly gone and everything becomes a disorganized mess which makes it difficult for you to work efficiently.

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5. Not Setting the Right Rate and Timescale

A freelancer has a minimum rate they can work for. There is a basic equation to work out your hourly rate which includes all your work-related expenses and the number of days and hours you intend to work on average and the second thing is project timescales. Both are very critical and if you get the rate or timescale wrong, you end up losing a huge amount of money.

6. Failing To Think About Expenses

Keep a track of expenses. Use apps such as expensively to take photos of receipts on your phone and prepare a neat report and this app can be used free of cost. Another online platform called inDinero can also be used. Such things would help you to take a snapshot of your expenses or predict future spending.

7. Staying In the Same Place

One of the qualities that a freelancer should have is flexibility. A freelancer has to chase work because it would not come to you easily. This means keeping up with the trends. You can use different sites such as LinkedIn, the freelancers union, this very blog, and trade associations to give you useful insight into developments across a wide range of relevant issues.

8. Need of a Company

You have to be the only one working in freelancing. It’s a business where you will not have any kind of company. People who can’t do work without a company often dislike this aspect of freelancing. You should have the potential to work in a lonely business if you want to become a freelancer.

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Freelancing is a great choice and way to work for anyone who just wants a change from their typical 9-5 job, but not everyone can be a successful freelancer, you have to avoid various issues than can down you and cause you to fail in freelancing career.

That our main reasons why freelancers fail? Over to you – how do you think why freelancers fail in their career, what are the other failure issues in freelancing and how to avoid them? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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