4-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Becomes the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Areesh Fatima, a 4-year old girl from Karachi Pakistan has placed her name in records as the current youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) after passing the Microsoft exam. The previous youngest MCP was Ayan Qureshi from the United Kingdom; he passed the exam at the age of 5.c

Areesh had shown interest and curiosity in Computer and technology and understand how operating systems worked. From there on, she found the motivation to go for the Microsoft exam.

4-years old Areesh has set an honored example by scoring 831 marks in exams at such a young age. This is quite astonishing as the passing marks are 700 and it is also a fact that such exam is for professionals.

Here is a fun fact that Areesh’s father also passed the Microsoft exam at a young age.  Her father mentioned that while working at home, he noticed his daughter’s interest in Information Technology and helped her prepare for the test.

After this news, the Government of Pakistan has highlighted her as the“Pride of Pakistan”.